Computer Fundamentals pdf (Computer Basics)

Reference Book
Text Book –
Introduction to Computers – Peter Norton

Computer Fundamentals pdf


Computer : Computer is an electronic data processing device
which –
– Accepts and stores data input
– Processes the data input
– Generates the output in a required format
Program : A set of instructions that directs its actions is called a

Advantages of Computer

Following list demonstrates the advantages of computers in today’s
arena –

– High Speed
– Accuracy
– Storage Capability
– Diligence
– Versatility
– Reliability
– Automation
– Reduction in Paper Work
– Reduction in Cost

Limitations of Computer

• Computer can not think
• Computer can not do anything without human instruction
• Computers can not make any adjustment as human being can

Computer Applications

Following list demonstrates various applications of computers in
today’s arena-

– Business
– Banking
– Insurance
– Education
– Marketing
– Health care
– Communication etc

Collected :
Department of CSE,
Varendra University

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